Let's take action, TOGETHER.


DIYing your biz?
Let me do it with you.

For you if you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, online-based or service-based biz and need a mentor to spend a full day with you to ignite that passion and walk you through taking action to reach your next goal. 

Whatever your goal is, this entire day is customized to YOU.

This DIY VIP Day is an exclusive day where you and I work together 1:1 on the goals that are most important and present to you, your business and your career right now.

This could include but isn't limited to: setting up an Etsy shop, uncovering your services and offerings as a service-based creative, structuring your admin system, your next marketing campaign and so much more.

A full day with me includes:

  • An entire day about YOU - your energy, mindset, life and business.

  • 6-8 hours of intensive coaching, visioning and planning with access to ALL I have to offer as a business owner, coach, strategist and creative.

  • A holistic look at your business with action items including small shifts and big changes you can implement to cultivate the life + biz you crave.

  • A look at how we can add value, change the lives of your ideal client and reignite that passion you have about your business.

  • An RCC Roadmap to give you more focus, clarity, momentum and passion.

Each RCC Roadmap is completely tailored to your biz, but can include:

Image by Annie Spratt
  • Goals and projects specifics to you + your business for the next 90 days OR quarterly for the next 12 months

  • What you need personally to succeed in your business

  • Strategies to position you as a thought leader (social media, webinars, events, workshops, etc)

  • A breakdown of your ideal audience and client + what you will offer them

  • You product and service offerings

  • Your plan for creating your digital profile and presence + increasing visibility and reach

  • Tools to offer you positive and powerful mindset management that will keep your confidence at 100%!

  • + more!  Two weeks after your DIY VIP day, we hop on a 45-minute call to go over any questions and make sure you're on track.

How do I know if this is for me?


Do you find yourself needing the physical push from someone to dive deep in your biz?


Are you fired up about starting or growing your business?


Are you open-minded and committed to exploring ways to make changes in your life + and business?


Are you willing to co-create an action plan at your pace?


Are you prepared to break through any fears or blocks so you can create and do more of what you love?

Before the times of Covid, we offered VIP days in person, BUT now we are digital baby and here's what your day could look like:

We meet in the wonderful, virtual land of Zoom at 9am, confirm our approach for the day and dive in! We take a look at EVERYTHING from your market, offerings, marketing, goals, lifestyle, vision and of course YOUR DREAMS. I will ask a ton of clarifying questions to help you uncover what you need to focus and gain clarity for yourself.​


When we break for lunch, we've got all the goods for an awesome action plan to move you forward. It's super important we break for lunch to allow time to energize and let inspiration flow. After we've got some grub, we'll take a quick walk/moveement break. 


The second half of our day is reserved to get deep down into the details of your RCC Roadmap. We break out the high-tech stuff, like white boards and paper, to map out all the details of your biz strategy so it literally leads you where you want to go.


With a limited schedule, I only take 2 VIP days per month, YEP. So if you'd like to schedule one, please get in touch ASAP! Coffee and lunch are on me!


I make an intentional itinerary for our day to ensure we stay on track and you leave this session completely passionate and confident that you can make your big dreams a reality. We do offer payment plans for your VIP day as well if needed. 

You ready?