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5 Benefits of Strong Branding

Today I want to talk about the benefits of a well-branded biz. In an age where creatives, entrepreneurs and marketing geniuses are owning the stage, it's so important to have strong branding that uniquely reflects you, is meant for your target audience and sets you apart from the rest in your industry.

What is branding?

I know, you've heard the word "branding" thrown around like some crazy marketing jargon, but I promise you there is meaning behind it. Branding ultimately defines the experience you want potential clients and visitors to have when they interact with your business. It's a feeling, an emotion, and an impression that they are left with.It's not only your logo but your messaging, voice, fonts, color selections and the way those all seamlessly work together to create a unique experience for your audience.

So, what are the benefits?

1. You stand out from other businesses in your industry offering similar products or services. For example, I'm a brand designer and my brand is something that helps separate me from all of my competitors. It comes down to the voice I speak to you in, my messaging behind my brand's purpose, the colors I choose and so much more.

2. Your cohesive look and feel builds trust with your audience, resulting in more purchase power. Think of it this way: If you send an email newsletter to your audience every week and your colors are different, your messaging isn't aligned and you're sharing products that don't even align with your target audience, it's not going to work hard for you. If you show up every week with consistent branding, you are building a valued relationship with your audience, which makes them more likely to purchase from you. They understand the entire experience they get with you!

Potential clients are ready to commit to you faster if they are attracted to and emotionally connected to your branding. Have you ever bought something because you loved the brand? Maybe the logo and the vibes it gave off made you feel so strongly that you had to buy something from them in order to get that feeling? That's great branding at work.

You have more opportunities to connect with bigger brands in your niche, exposing you to a larger like-minded audience. This is something that often gets overlooked. If you're a small business owner selling goods that you want to eventually wholesale, you want to stand out and have really consistent branding so that future wholesalers want to carry your product. Imagine getting your handmade goods into Urban Outfitters - imagine the reach you would have to a new like-minded audience.

NOTE: All of this doesn't mean you need to go out there and overhaul your branding right this moment. Sit with these tips for a moment and see what you can do internally to help build stronger branding, then take action.

If you are ready for a rebrand or need help creating your brand & branding from scratch, shoot me an email at

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